Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowing down


I cannot wait for the end of this day, as it was so long physically and mentality. I have had already much better days than today, but this is part of the agreement, we always have this bad moments in between some others more bright. The accumulation of stress started in the early morning, I toke my shower with cold water, just when I was leaving the shower the hot water decided to come, too late. With that waste of time I need to run to catch the train to the hospital. Anyway, I was on time to have my blood test at 9.00am and appointment with the oncologist at 9.30.

The doctor from the Dr Tim Meyr team said that the results from the blood tests that I did in the morning were already in her computer, and showed that all organs are working well in spite of the chemo, so I will go for the next session this Monday. The only thing that disturbed me a bit it was when she was speaking it did not sound that she believed in an operation in a short term. Anyway, she said that I will do in two weeks a scanning to asses how it goes the metastases in the Liver. This made me coming back more to the Earth, and think I need to have my mind open for anything that comes in the next weeks.

After that I had another call to my phone from my GP, asking me to go there to speak about palliative care. This brought me even more down, But Justyna is right I should not be worried about that, because there is no way that they can know more than me about my condition, and so far the doctors did not close me the doors.

Probably because of all this stress my sugars in the blood become very very high, and I was irretrievably tired and bitter for all day. But not broken. Tomorrow, I am sure I will have more energies.
But the day has not finished yet, In the beginning of the afternoon I had another appointment in Hospital with a doctor and nurse from the diabetes and a nurse from the dietitian team. It was a long meeting but profitable. they explained me some matters that I was not aware and the also the regularity of my injection will be changed as well to address my loss of weight.

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