Friday, November 28, 2008

Victim of credit crunch


Before we met with my sister we went back to the Royal Free Hospital to be removed the patch testes set in my back, and I still need to go next Monday to know the final conclusions, For now it looks that there is only one substance that I may be allergic. But, the doctor will tell me next week. In this trip to Hospital, almost in the time when I was leaving I saw a doctor that was looking for me, but only after he past trough me I realised that he was the Dr Tim Meyer, the doctor responsible for the chemotherapy. I hope he will not be upset with me for not recognised him straight away, I am scare that he now will revenge and set me different drugs in the next chemotherapy that will harm me :) I will try to no stress with that.

Afterwards we went to met with the family. Lovely to seat in a coffee shop and have a tea and chat about everything and nothing, something that only this places invite. The evening we past in House tasting the chicken meat brought by my sister from Portugal. The chicken was brought up in the Algarve in my Godparents Isabel and Arnaldo farm, the taste was not possible to confuse.

To end up the night I did a mistake of turning on the Portuguese Télé, as I become embarrassed and sad with the news not only from India, but also from Portugal. I could not believe to see all the pornography around the BPP - Bank that use to manage the fortunes in Portugal and is setting to receive help from the government, and I can see also the poor Joe Berardo getting some financial help in the future, as the miserable and homeless Madeirense lost so much money with this crisis. I agree with my friend John Gandhy, this looks the best time to start the Revolution.

Lovely weekend

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chora said...

ola helderao ,aqui em Portugal esta um frio de rachar este fim de semana parece que vai piorar ,vai estar bom para o pessoal encher os centros comerciais e para quem pode encher os hoteis na serra que parece ja estarem cheios .olha a tua pequena ja esta com quantos meses ?bem um abraço a gente se vai falando escrevendo ou outras abraço e fiquem bem