Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun back to my dictionary


I know that you missed the post in the morning :) Sorry, it was a very busy weekend, Probably we did not have a such intense and happy days for a long time. So, I decided to leave this lines for another time. The three days looked more as a unique long day. Surprisingly I felt with a lots of energy and good mood to enjoy the presence of my friends. Only Saturday I could not manage to keep in form all day. I was tired after lunch but I recovered in the evening. But Sunday, the sugars went back to the same levels as before the chemotherapy session and the sickness vanished, then I was free to enjoy a big set of pizzas with all the friends during lunch time. Pedro and Marisa join Patricia, Miguel, Daniela and Ruca and came around to Angel to spend the lunch with us. Even if London was freezing and very wet in the evening we could stay in Jane's house just cooking and enjoying a dinner in the company of Pedro and Celia. I think that the fact that I felt so happy and good regarding to the diabetes and cancer parameters, it must have an explanation, the love that the friends keep emulating me. Justyna told me that she has not seem so well for a long time.

I have a strong hope that the next two weeks, before the next session, I will be able to have a chance to have a good time and relax as this days.


Luís Ganhão said...

Estás com excelente aspecto...

chora said...

continua com o espirito um abraço