Friday, October 31, 2008

Other way around

End of the month, last post of October, and consequently my bank account getting bigger. Yes, If you do not know this become my job, and not anymore the moment in the end of the day that I use to exorcise my devils and ghosts :)
If my life it still moored to this bed, for Justyna the World does not stop, She keeps triplicating her self to respond to all jobs that feel in her shoulders, and they are a lots due to the weakness of mines. At least I hope tomorrow I will feel stronger to enjoy the company of some dear friends that are arriving in London to visit us, Patricia, Miguel, Dani, Ruca, Pedro and Celia will be my welcome medicine for this weekend, Lovely.

In a time that in Portugal the people are complaining about the shortages of babies, the family Assuncao does not stop to increase, this year it has been very prolific, Now is Alexandra gave a birth to a beautiful Ruben, Congratulations for both. I will see you soon.


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