Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Olá amigos :)

It was so quick but it is going already six months since Justyna woke me up complaining about some unusual water that was falling down from her legs, that put me in panic. What I was supposed to do I did not know, I remember that I went downstairs and even I forgot to switched off the alarm, waking up everybody with the unbearable noise. Anyway, the reason after excused me. The journey started very early around 7.00AM, and took us two times to the St. Marys Hospital. The first one at 8.00 they told Justyna that the dilation was very tiny and she should go home and wait for the contractions arrive, as it has not started yet. But once the way back to home those contractions started, so we stayed at home no more than an hour, Anyway there was time to go to Tesco. Probably it was there that all the scenery of a maternity increased, the contractions were already at each 5 minutes. I was thinking it would be good if Olivia decide to come in the giant Tesco, she might have nappies and food for free for the rest of her life :)

Then, in another trip, Rob took us by car to the Hospital. In the beginning the nurses were not very sure about the emergency of the case and sent her to a waiting room. After when the pain was unbearable somebody came to check and after screamed "The baby's head is here", put in panic all the ward and taking my heart beating to an unmeasurable velocity. After in one minute Justyna was back downstairs in the labour room ready for the big moment, at 16.50PM the time has arrived, and the moment that I will keep with me for the rest of my life has come, I was prepared to explode of such a happiness and the tears were washing all my face, as Justyna's. Probably Justyna's tears were also of pain. Olivia's movements were so funny, very coarse but impossible to do not loved. It is a shame that we cannot have more of this moments in our life, at least once a week :)

Since that singular moment a lot has passed under the bridge and much more is about to passing, but Olivia become the structure that keeps us going everyday with some direction. I want to contribute in what I can to her happiness, I believe, now even more with my problems, that all the kids got the right to be very happy, It is already enough the problems that we face after our youth.

Big kiss for all the babies, children and also Mums of this World


ma.jun.ja said...

Big kisses to my lovely star, the most beautyfule little butterfly, my kitty, my sun, my all world - Olivia :*

Treta said...

Já agora, que os beijos, ou algo parecido, sejam estendidos aos pais. :-)

Concordo contigo. O do nascimento de um filho, pode ser eleito como um dos momentos mais significativos que nós podemos presenciar e guardar.

P. Neiva

Anita said...

Hi Helder, Justyna and Olivia,

It was very good to see you (for a little while) and have a quick chat on Sunday! As you know I am always looking for news here and it was nice to meet you. I am here if you need anything!
Olivia is so gorgeous, so full of joy and energy! Congratulations!!!