Saturday, October 11, 2008

Team work

With all the chemotherapy in its cruise velocity, though far from realising all the collateral damages, but for now with myself coping and living with some quality of life, we discuss together as a family and been decided that the Mums' cares should be shared with my sister and father in Portugal. It is not easy to them living without the anchor of the family. She can bring more stability and calmness to the rest of the family in the Algarve, at this time, the news are more encouraging here in London.

For now I think we all deserved a small break. It has been hard time and even more hard work that we past through so far. The nightmare maybe in some point faraway from the end, but we all deserved Congratulations for the strengths and support that we all showed to each other. Here is including all my friends and no friends.
Therefore we all went to the airport in the Mikes car driven by Rob to say good bye to mum. Apparently she left London with a unseasonably warm weather to go to the Algarve, this with a unseasonable tempest weather, There it is another proof of the climate change.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to take advantage of another warm day in London, it has been announced 21 degrees :):)


Ana Cristina said...

Sem a mãe tão pertinho mas com todos nós muito atentos e com quem podes contar (mesmo que por vezes nos mantenhamos algum tempo em silêncio...)

As últimas notícias foram muito animadoras!!! Que tudo se continue a desenrolar tão bem quanto parece... És forte e estamos contigo!

Muitos beijinhos
Tenho muitas saudades de todos
em especial da Olivia ;)
prima Ana

Luís Ganhão said...

Força Hélder... um grande abraço do outro lado do mundo.

joaquim said...

Olá Helder

As boas noticias são o melhor tratamento que podemos receber, continua a lutar.

Um abraço