Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fabulous white car

Ola everybody,

Here I am enjoying the first day of my hangover after the chemotherapy, It is not great but at least it is going according to my expectation already formed in the last and first session. The sleeping it is one of the things more affected, this overall because the huge component of steroids in the drugs and anti sickness. So I guess I should had managed to rest around two hours overnight but anyway it was enough to charge batteries for my day. I felt OK in the morning, probably more tired as usual but in a good mood. I spent the whole day at home eating and resting. Fortunately today it comeback some of appetite lost in the last days, in that way I seek to put some kilo lost meanwhile. One of the side effects that I am also learning how to cope is to deal with the lost of memory and ability to do deal with more or less complicated cognitive processes. I think at the moment the most complicated maths operation I can go it would be "1+1=11", Whoever can sorted out the "cubic formula" for me is a doctor, no a genius ! Anyway for the moment for the use of my daily routine I think the addition formula it is enough to survive. The Olivka is not complaining at least, I think we are at the same level.

In the other day somebody was telling with right that I did such a great job to fecund the lovely and gorgeous Olivia, that I become very sick. So now the Olivka also it will be my medicine to cure the problem :)

Splendid news my friends it has started to snow here in London since an hour ago, the night become very beautiful seen from indoors, the cars are already covered by a white blanket, It is also time to myself look for the comfort of my bed and catch up the dreams of Justyna already in a deep sleep.

Love for all


TéTé said...


"Aterrei" no seu blogue através de uma grande mulher: Laurinda Alves. Leio-o atentamente desde há algumas semanas: comovo-me e rio-me. Há dias recebi um mail da União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro" que diz "quanto mais olharmos o cancro de frente, mais ele se afasta de nós". Ao ler isto, imediatamente lembrei-me de si. Continue com essa força, determinação e sentido de humor. Um abraço, Teresa

Treta said...

Neve é bom; Olivia é bom; Justina é bom.

Até breve.