Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oliwka not as Mafalda


As you already have realized, when I do not have any idea of what to write and to tell you, I use the photo of my most precious thing, my love Oliwka. I would say she is my Joker :) This also because big part of my day it belongs to her. Today I was woke since around 4.00 AM and I could not wait to see her awoke, this was already 7.00 AM. This morning it was a unique moment, the snow was everywhere outside and Olivia was in a such a spirit, She just could not stop to laugh and looking for attention.

Today she had the opportunity to try her first meal, a soup superbly cooked by mum, I am sure this one even Mafalda Quino would liked. By the way another thing that must be reported is the fact that she already had her first incursion in the family of Nestum com Mel some days ago.

In opposition to Olivia, the father what found more hard to deal today, it was exactly with the food. I have been very sick, the food does not come out but is doing big pressure after the stomach, I think is where the strong anti sickness tablets that I am taking meant to be effective. Last session this sensation it was not so strong, but I hope it will not last for more than a week.

In other area, Housing, we went to an institution called Shelter to seek for some help to deal with the council, or whatever. The first approach did not leave a lot to wish.

Yet, last note to say thank you to Filipe and Claudia for the gift, I am enjoying the memorable album from Frank Sinatra and Carlos Jobim


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chora said...

ola carapau olha por aqui chegou tambem o frio mas sem a neve !!vento e frio tomem la mandou o sao pedro ...bem na serra da estrela a neve essa parece que tambem ja esta a cair .com que entao nestum e o pensal e a cerelac aiaiaiai ..a tua pequena ta muita linda beijos e abraços para voçes