Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is our life real?


Morning took me again to my duty, at 8.15 I was in the Royal Free Hospital, to scan my back. Also as usual I needed to wait more then half an hour for the appointment, because the scanning that was waiting for me it was only run by a specific staff that would come later, Is already usual to be treated as a special case, wherever I go.
The specialist of that machine looked and looked again in my back, but the prominence in the left inside of my back apparently is something superficial, in the muscles, nothing internal. This confirms what the doctor Fasai advanced before. This question it was something that worried me very much when it appeared few weeks ago, but now is time to bury this worry. I suspect that problem it might be related with the long time I been passing in bed, either in Hospital or at Home.

I think I need to leave the back pain for another time, for now there is others priorities, as the Liver, but I will get back to the Back.
Afterwards, to change the spirit I went for a Meditation class. In good time I accepted the invitation from Shehana to go to this Buddhist temple and enjoy a serene evening. The session past so quick, what shows how much I took pleasure of the 2 hours class. Probably it should have more time allocated to meditation, But for other side, only in that way we could spend more time to discussing metaphysics issues. Does anything exist? Is anything only the projection of our mind? All interesting stuff.
This leads to idea if it is real that my body is terrible ill. If my mind could reserve some distance from my own body probably some suffering and anxiety can be reduced.Though the pain can be more controlled. This is what Budd says but it still a long way to my mind trust in that.
PS: Just let me go back to the picture from yesterday, the author of the urban exhibition was Oliver Bishop-Young. I love so much the idea, that I would like to share his other works in the subject. Just click:

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