Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love Boat

This Sunday was reserved for a test of love and solidarity in between the family, when the winds are around London, the storms did not want to give mercy in the Algarve. My sister has also another issue to sort out and I am sure she will deal it in the best way. Thus, the peaceful Algarve has been overtaken by an unexpected but strong wind and the waves are weeping all the shore. It is demanding from all of us the best moral and confidence as we can unite in order to take this boat to safer waters.
Nobody can vacillate in their duties, by my commands.

Thus, all the family were in the bed, I was rowing for my side, looking for some balance, as the high sugars always was threatening the boat to bend and collapse, with the big responsibility of transporting all the family, essential the small defenceless Olivia. In this Love Boat my mum was lying in the other extreme, she was controlling the communications with the extended family in the Algarve, She, enormous as usual was giving the best words and advises to my sister in the Algarve and keeping the control in their row. Even with all this manoeuvres she always kept her Bible and Rosario in hands to ask for divine help, Help that I do not neglect to strength our moral.

While Me and Mum set in the extreme, Justa was set in the middle of the bed, reading some guides maps, and newspapers I suppose that would be helpful later on, shame that I cannot understand polish language. But, she was giving a sweet and fraternal look to my mum or to me when it was necessary and keeping Olivia in her heroics hands.
Of course Olivia was positioned in the most protected place of the boat, almost immune to any big wave that appeared from no where. Though she is always in our front sight, She is the most precious thing that we have.

Good Night

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Luís Ganhão said...

Some words in Portuguese
"Depois da Tempestade vem a Bonança"

Luís Ganhão e Nucha