Wednesday, October 22, 2008

#Love is the air#

Ola amigos,

Again, today I went to visit UCL Hospital to provide a few more units of my seminal specimen. This time because of Olivia came with us, Justyna could not follow me to the dormitory of the pleasures. Thus, the mechanism that I needed to use to complete successful the task was different than last time, Left alone in the room I used the old Portuguese technician invented by Nuno Alvares Pereira, the Square tactics, five fighting against one. To contribute to the success of the battle was a group of three young Asian ladies that come around in my dreams. Therefore the task become slightly easier.
As you could think that this post is going already long and rude, But I am sorry it has not finished yet. Just to tell that this time they were able to store four more units of my "morning specimen from a direct masturbation into a sterile container". This four units is additionally to the other six units that they managed to store in my last visit, two weeks ago.

In the afternoon and because the next session of chemotherapy is close, next Monday, me and Justyna decided also to enjoy the bless of the Olivia's resting, and the sky it was our limit :)

But after such a busy day, the warn come quick, sugars have dropped and I was shaking. This time instead of a biscuit I went for a magnificent Nestum com mel, such a long time I did not eat it.

Therefore, in five minutes I was fine.


joaquim said...

Olá Helder

Continua com essa boa disposição.

Já agora não andarás a exagerar nessa questão das doações de "material" ? põe-te a pau olha que isso provoca habituação :)

Um abraço


Treta said...

Há coisas que nos perseguem desde a infância. O nestum com mel é certamente uma delas, mas não a única! :-)