Saturday, October 18, 2008

Niech zyja nam !!! :)

Saturday morning, It has been so busy already this early morning, We are preparing to go out to meet with our friend Shuby, She will take us for a trip in the country. Luckily the Sun keeps shinning opening the perspective for another great weekend.

Yesterday I had the confirmation that Olivka is official our co-citizen, the Embassy told us that her birth is now register in Portugal and she has the Portuguese nationality. I hope my love will forgive me for that :) Now on we just need to manage few more documents and she can start to travel with us. Of course also when I will be allowed.

Nevertheless, today is marked for an event in different part of the world, where before were the iron curtain separating the natural relations with between men and women of the World, the same men and women are gathering to celebrate the most special day of our friends Kasia and Rafi. Zagorow in Poland for a day is the capital of the party in the wielkopolska. Justyna and Me cannot be present in the wedding of our friends for evident reasons but we are present within our mind and hearts, We wish all the best for this day and for future. We hope to be already present to celebrate the built of your mansion in your endless land now bought it.
Lovely weekend for all Men and Women in East and West part of the World.

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Vanda said...

Oi Helder,finalmente consegui mandar-te uma mensagem, não por falta de tempo, porque tenho sempre tempo para os amigos, mas por desconhecimento destas novas tecnologias.

Quero simplesmente mandar-te um grande beijinho, e dar-te os meus parabéns pela Olivia, que é linda, assim como, a tua mulher! Tens uma família muito bonita, como tu :)

Força! Vanda (Stap) - 18/10/08.