Friday, October 10, 2008

A perfect day


Happy for the 'No pain' gave me the Good Mornings today at the woke up. I decided to return dressing my new set of clothes, the occasion deserved, I was going to an appointment in the Hospital. I was very calm all the early morning, we enjoyed a quick but a family breakfast. Even the trip by train to the Royal Free Hospital was a green sightseeing experience that I decided to do not skip this time. The North of London it has places really high top class to live, but also not cheap.

Thus, in a distance of 30 minutes, me, Justyna, Olivia and Mummy we were inside the Hospital waiting for the appointment with doctor Caplin. It is the doctor that I saw in the first appointment in the Royal Free Hospital when finally all started to move, He is the decision maker, He decides either to sent me to the surgeon or to the chemotherapy department. Dr Martyn Caplin is the Head of the NETs-Neuroendocrine in The Hospital. The appointment was planned to 11.00 but it only happened at 13.00, the English punctuality is excused this time by the the extra time and attention that this doctor spends with patients. And of course there is cases inside the consulting room that the time cannot be taken in account by the human face of the doctor.

Nevertheless, close to the appointment I could not avoid some anxiety having built up already in my nervous system, I needed to stand up and doing some shorts walks around the corridors to ease my nervous. It was also the way to find some helpful brochures about the NEts disease and some help and care information that I might gonna need. But finally my time came, I think I was the last patient of the day but the waiting was worth. The doctor transmitted me again a very good impression about himself as a professional.

The doctor looked in the scanning of the last week, and said with the smile It is all good news, leaving me and Justyna even with a bigger smile, personally it is difficult to express the mismatch of this smile and the disproportionally happiness that I felt inside, somewhere in the soul. The reason is the Liver presents the some condition as before, more or less the some number and size of metastases, escaped from the tumour in the Pancreas. The fact that the metastases did not expanded or extended to other places is great news, or encouraging news by the doctors words. Probably I can start to trust more in this Cancer, my words:)

Also as good news, the last week and updated scanning showed a shorter but lively and healthy pancreas now released from the Tumour by the operation. He confirmed the lack of sensibility in the Pancreas area that I have been feeling is normal and is due to the section of nervous tissue.

The doctor revealed us that the plan now is to carry on with this three sessions of chemotherapy, two ahead and then in the next appointment in 12 of December decide either go to the surgery to remove part of Liver or to do more three sessions of chemotherapy. But I read from his words that is more likely to expect six sessions of chemotherapy before the operation.

Almost in the end of the appointment, and in an answer of a question, I had another important information, At the time of the next operation, the Liver (part) will not come out alone, also the Gall Blander will come out together. This because, this very small organ is very close to the Liver, so, we cannot afford to take risks and leave some fuse inside for the future.

Well, I was thinking, slowly they are taking everything inside of my body, firstly it was the Spline and the tale of Pancreas, now half of Liver and Gall Bladder. At least it serves as a consolation, must of the things, Spline, Gall Bladder, part of the Pancreas, part of the liver, they are not extremely necessary, so probably they are building up a more efficient man, with less mass and then more mobile.

Afterwards, as a kind of a celebration all the family went for a nice lunch out and a lovely walk in the Park. Back home some friends came to visit us and helping to ended up a what I called a Perfect Day.

Lovely weekend

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jorge henriques said...

Olá bom dia ,fico contente pelas boas noticias do médico passei para lhe desejar um bom fim de semana