Sunday, October 12, 2008

Active resting

Yesterday I was speaking about the break that we all deserved, and today I had all signs telling me that, as all the manifestations of the Cancer and the diabetes decided to gave me some truce. All my energies and mood were on the top, I also suspect that this reasonable physical condition for a person under chemotherapy is related with the real Summer days that invaded London, It maybe a vice cycle, Better weather boosts also the mood and consequently the healthy condition. So lets pray that the Summer goes through the Winter.
The energies toke me to where I like to stay, to the Park. Today I preferred to go alone, and then wait for Justyna, and Jane that join us. It was probably the best 15 minutes in the last weeks, I stood close to one of gates of the Springfield park, just looking to what was going on in front of me, the Sun on the top was playing the principal role in all the that scenery. The brightness was so intense, that it looked I was in another place, such as Portugal. I positioned in a particular place, willing to watch a football match that was been playing in one square of the extensive park. All the screams and frustrations of the players made me remember some years ago, when I was playing also footy with friends, back in Portugal. The difference here is the friends players are more understandable for each other, for example there was one guy that kept missing goals in front the goal, This factor in Portugal it would be a reason to lead to his straight expulsion from the field, unless would be the owner of the ball.

From my strategic position I was able to following all the lives in that enormous field transformed in a big playground and giant place of dreams. Of course as in all the movies the devil was present and tempting me, personified by a an Ice Cream caravan, that was repeating its silly rings to attract the customers, and apparently resulted, there was a big queue. The business I am sure went very well as either for a small restaurant in the other side. People spread around the esplanade and were taking their teas or irresistible fish & chips, So as you can imagine the smell of food was everywhere.

But fortunately from all that sensations that my body was been applied it kept more focus in the visual, The incredible sightseeing, The couples and the children playing around, the dog going to take a piece of wood and bring thousands times to his stupid owner, took all my eyes and attentions. I love to see other people happy. Even if what was not enough, the clear sky was only crossed by several planes that with effect of the sun in it turn it as a stars visible in the day.

PS: picture with a year

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