Monday, October 6, 2008

REM conscious vice

Ola meus amigos,

Physically I am feeling almost the same Helder as the one before the chemotherapy. Of course a long time ago a stronger and self-confident Helder that you all knew was left behind. After the sugars stood in the stratosphere and when I was already thinking that bloody glucose never would face the Earth again, only a massive injection of insulin in my body yesterday and today brought some rest and tranquillity. The doctors reassured me today that this erratic behave of the sugars is completely normal for a diabetic person in chemotherapy. Several drugs and anti-sickness are composed of steroids and they are key for this Molotov bomb of sugary, thus needs to be balanced until the end of the chemotherapy sessions.

My biggest fear is to loose the physical ability as long as the drugs are attacking and reducing the white cells in the blood, opening a bigger window to catch some inopportune diseases. For now, any signs of odder cough or deepest sneeze are rapidly tackled with one of my extensive collection of teas, But not only. The heart burning I am responding with fennel, cough with lemon & garlic, diarrhea with porridge and for constipation, Doctor Bayer has the butternut milk. If physical I am coping, mentality it has been hard to keep focus in only my serious problems, Pancreas & Liver. There are some issues with people that I love that are not helping me to calm and just dream.
see u in the next dream

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