Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look for my dream


With all going in the right track with me, I am felling stronger to follow more close Olivia's growth and spend time playing with her. Means, just now starting to have the full taste of a father. Most of the time when I am distract either with pain, brain intoxicated with sugars or just the ghost thoughts getting all the room of my brain, I confess because of all that and some selfishness I do not give all the cares and attention that a father should give to his kid, and this is so frustrating. Like if I wanted only or first of all to save my skin.

But fortunately now, due to the good days that I am passing through, full of positiveness, and the scars of the last surgery getting settled, I can give much more love, touch and even starting to take her in my arms, rather only the look and love by distance of some centimeters. I am just loving all this days. Today we witness another landmark, Olivka started to suck her toes, It was so funny to see. I cannot wait for what comes next.

Now is time to bed, tomorrow is a special day, our love Justyna is celebrating her birthday :)

Happy days


Maria Rosália said...

Happy birthday Justyna

Lots of love for all of you

Treta said...

Parabéns Justina.

From Célia e Pedro

concha said...

Linda imagem!Diria de muita paz.