Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor clown

Oi pessoal,
I confess that the time I most love during the day is its night, The night is the period of the day that I forget about all the problems and also the pain rests. To attest this, last night I went to bed with discomfort pain in the abdomen and in the back, plus the chronic migraine, But by a stroke of magic all that ABC (Abdomen, Back, Chronic migraine) pain disappeared by morning. All day I felt release from any kind anguish or suffering.
After Lunch we decided to go out, as I had been at home the days before, and also the weather looked more friendly today, Thus, we went to have a dinner with Pajo and Miriam, it was another opportunity to experiment and taste the culinary skills of Pajo. And again the chef past in the exam with distinction.
Shame that a joke that I work out this morning in the shower it revealed a failure, nobody found funny. It was the confirmation, I will never reach the rich clown.

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