Monday, October 27, 2008

Chemotherapy-Session 2

Well, just now I got home, It has been a long weekend, extended until Monday. Unfortunately the same pain I felt in my back in Friday, came back in the Saturday night, Thus the family did not have any other option than goes again at 3.00AM to the Royal Free Hospital, and this time only the morphine can shut up the big pain in my back that I felt. For a while all the staff in emergency ward forgot about me and only wanted to see Olivia, or review from the day before, as I was admitted in the same block in the night before :) Through the night they carried out more testes, X-ray to my column, but again nothing it was found and the Kidneys, Liver were working OK. Sunday, I past all day and night in the Hospital, and by my own initiative I decided to throw to the bin all the pain killers that they were giving to me, in order to test if the pain would come back Sunday night, This decision it was in total secret with myself. In the case that I would feel the pain I would be already in the hospital, But for God it did not came, even if I was waiting for that.

Then, Monday morning the doctor agreed that I could go for my day two of chemotherapy without problems, and after comeback home with some strong pain killers for the case of the pain return.

By now the session is finished and I had my meal and now only bed.


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Treta said...

isso é que foi, um fim-de-semana em grande. Já passou, é o que interessa.