Saturday, October 25, 2008

Both sides of the Moon

The last two days give us an opportunity to discover the both sides of the Moon, Yesterday I saw Dr. Tim Mayer in the Royal Free Hospital, the oncologist responsible for the Chemotherapy for the Neuroendocrines. This routine consulting was quick, just to confirm that the things are going fine, and my body is coping well with the chemotherapy, therefore should not be problem to continuous the treatment this Monday. This is only depending from the blood tests of the blood collected in the Morning. Afterwards, only time to run to the UCL Hospital to do the last collection of a seminal specimen. Finally and according to the responsible of the Fertility Department after three visits and three samples, the future should be safe. In good time to finalize our visit to the Town, we had met our friend Richard Kerr. Although, the tough time for all of us, the trio including Ian Small are in some way progressing positively since the last time we met and keeping in the good track. It was recharging for us to catch up with such a friend :)
But, in the afternoon, after back home, it was reserved an unexpectedly long evening. This night the other side of the Moon and darker decided to enlighten us. Suddenly without a warn a big pain took over of me. All the lower abdomen and the back fell in a big and unbearable pain. The pain killers could not work, as well as the food was vomited. I tried to stand still at home, but after few hours without manage the pain we took the right decision, at 2.00 AM we took a cab to the Accident and Emergency of the Royal Free Hospital. There, I was connected to the drip that infused the anti-sickness to avoid more vomiting and the necessary anti killers to bring down the pain. I need to confess that the time that the pain killers come inside the veins, it was my best moment, for sure at least until the visit to the Fertility department :)
The pain was worth after such a trip with the pain killers. That moment I could not think about the day of Tomorrow.
If the pain started to be controlled yet the checks carried out could not detected what was in the origin of such a pain. It would have explanation if the problem was in the Liver or Pancreas, but in the lower abdomen, the Chemotherapy's side effects did not mention anything about that. Also the X-Rays did not show any stones in Kidneys as that one it was also a possibility. Anyway, In the morning the pain was over and in the afternoon I had green light to come home.
Even if for now, I am OK, I feel that now on the things are not anymore the same, I am afraid of the pain comeback anytime and more cautions about the future.
But, it is remarkable the speed that I always respond to this setbacks and incidents that continuous happening to me, I think this only can be explained and also attest my willing to recover and live longer. I am not sure if I really love the life or is just my stubbornness, I do not want to give up in this fight.
Lovely weekend


jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Espero que este Domingo tenha sido um dia retemperador.As batalhas sâo duras amigo mas é essencial nâo desanimar, no final o sabor da vitória é mais gostoso ....
Falta mais uma facadita nâo é ?ficamos mais leves ( no meu caso foram 260g de "figueiredo") mas livres da "bixarada" hehe.

um abraçâo

Treta said...

Não te esqueças que a dor estará lá, mas será parte do processo de cura.

Pedro N.

chora said...

força helderao