Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spare time for free


Yesterday when I went to bed I was afraid of today's morning, this because of the pain that I was feeling that was distressing me. But in the morning the pain in the abdomen was much more soft and almost neglecting. Thus, it was an easy day, but quite long. I had opportunity to go outside for a short walk, bearing in mind to dress very warm cloths to avoid the cold.

Something that I need to think more is what to do in my free time, to do not feel the days so long. If Olivia is always big part of my day but there is days that reading books or watch movies does not fits in the best exercise to keep my mind out of the bad thoughts. I will think about...

Love for all

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Anonymous said...

Tenho-o acompanhado à distância, (desde o Alentejo)e queria desejar-lhe tudo de bom e muita força!!!
Quando tenho de facto dificuldade em passar o tempo costumo fazer daqueles puzzles enormes de 1000 peças. Comigo resulta imenso: são viciantes e não dou pelo tempo a passar. Porque não exprimenta?