Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sugar against sugar


Luckily sometimes when the day arise we do not know what it will be there in the end of the cycle. At least this should be the consolation of somebody that woke up with a perspective of not having a brilliant day. The right to hope and dream that the course of the day bring something unexpected that turns the face of just another day.

Thus, with the excuse of the Miriam's Birthday, the evening did me a surprise and brought me few friends around my bedroom, We cooked, we laughed, we chatted, we ate. All evening I felt warmed by Miriam and our friends. And today I decided to contra attack, fed up of been so much under attack by the sugars I felt courageous to face them face to face. Then, I did not decline to eat a nice Portuguese and French cheese and an Apple cake backed by Miriam. I am sure in that way sometimes the Glucose will feel also more respect for me, They will think he is a stronger fighter then expected.

Congratulations dear Miriam

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