Saturday, October 18, 2008

No man's land


After such an enjoyable afternoon I could not resist to come here and share with you the good time away from London. As planned we all, with Shuby driving went out for a trip around the country, in Berkshire. It was great to see all the beauty typical from the English country side, the picturesque villages and see a different pattern of lives that fits perfectly in the landscape. And of course to feel the spirit of the area we went to a charismatic Pub that you find always in each village. It was the opportunity to relax with a cup of tea and to update our chat.

This courses gives always the chance to look for the immensity of the fields and witness the the fields full of different animals, such as horses, sheep, cows. And of course mixed up with the Autumn colours of its trees and flowers. This make me and Justyna to imagine our future :) The original dream it belonged to Justyna, but I confess nowadays is also already part of my imaginary to have a field and a small country side house, where we can create our own chicken, pigs and other different animals. If with Justyna it is normal, as she brought up in the middle of the field, yet for me is something that only arose in the last time. So, to conquer our dream, we just need to find some piece of land in the middle of nowhere, If somebody know, please ring the bell.

The evening only finished with a marvellous Indian dinner in my marvellous friend Shuby's house. It was splendid to spend all day with Shuby, Rayan and their sweet Taze.


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Ana Cristina said...


Não há nada como um tempito fora do ambiente habitual para fazer passar o tempo e esquecer as pequenas dores do dia-a-dia...
Gostei do tom animado!!!

Beijos grandes pra ti e pras princesas
prima Ana