Monday, November 30, 2009

St. Justyna

The day was to celebrate, my dear Justyna has her name's day, So today for who did not know before it is the St. Justyna's day in the catholic calendar. For coincidence also the rain was away for the first time since few days though, the freezing come even without permission, We had a special meal in an Asian restaurant, nothing too much sophisticate, only shoo-me, noodles and a good time for £4. We needed to take the option for the credit crunch.

Unfortunately in the evening I left the ladies alone, I had another Painting lesson, Today I could not miss it, as it was a day of a model, It was my first experience to deal with a naked woman, in the Painting point of view of course. It is very difficult but very enjoyable as I already expected :) As you see I got distracted with the body and then I forgot about her face :)

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