Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The hunt for a house is now again on the ground, Olivia is our front arm and using her strong and superior smell we hope would do the difference. Today we saw one and tomorrow there is another flat to view, Hopefully the white smoke will appear in the chimney later on.

Meanwhile I am discovering Antonio Lobo Antunes, In the beginning all his non-sense looked intelligible for me but with some patience as also frustration, now I got on the track of his thoughts and I am enjoying his tricks of mixing reality and illusion, past and present. A great and very entertaining exercise of reading, We just need to leave outside all what we knew before and open everything, throat or brain for this experience. And will be a time you will feel blind without any beacon, just carry on until somewhere.

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Ana Cristina said...


I wish you many many luck in your new hunting :)

I have to say that you are becoming a talent painter XD

and Olivia seems mutch bigger and beautiful as always

prima Ana