Monday, November 9, 2009

Dark colours

I am keeping searching for the meaning of Life, but I can only see boredom. The only alternative, like for everybody is surviving attached to the artificial artifices in order to entertain the Life before the most important and beautiful event of our lives arrive - our Death. Been for some time last year in close chatting with the Death it was enough to feel that the most peaceful and definite achievement of a Life is when we decide to embrace his arms.

You already noticed that I am not too well L. If the doctor said last week that the scares in the body healed very well but there is something that the doctors never worried, also because are not their business, I am speaking about the wound in the brain that is bleeding more than ever. Since the first doctor leaned me against the wall I never managed to come off from there. Even my teacher in the Drawing and Painting classes today mentioned why do I chose always dark colors, as it is possible to do lighter colors just adding some yellow or whiter tone, I was almost about to explain why I am keeping stuck to the dark ones. In the end of the day is where I come from.

Regarding to the Cancer, the next development it will be next month, at the 2nd of December. I have already booked my CT scan and in the week after I will find out the results with the Oncologist and Surgeon. But meanwhile, for the mind healthy I will look for an appointment with the psychotherapist soon.

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