Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hakuna Matata

Almost nothing is missing in my trip through the Cancer, Today I went again to see the Surgeon and surprisingly I was not nervous, I was prepared and happy to have news about my next operation, And when I arrived in the clinic to meet Dr Fusai in the first moment I saw him straight he came to me and said to not be nervous because he has good news to tell me. For a while me and Justyna were thinking what does this means, good news can be thousands things for him, In that time even for myself I could not recall or tell what would be good news. So the speculation did not go further. But it was not necessary to wait too long, As soon as we got inside his room, Dr Fusai had a extraordinary thing to tell us, what I have, the lumps are not Cancer. He review the exams and recalling his first operation he thinks what is shown in the exams are bits of the Spleen that been removed and had confused the other doctors. Thus, he assumes the contradiction with the Oncologist that wanted to operate. All the historic tells us to trust 100% in Dr Fusai. Thus, the next step is in a month, do again CT Scan and see him again.

We were waiting for everything but this, Anything like this only can be a miracle, a month ago a doctor said to me that not much can be done now, probably just try the chemotherapy and today I am free to go. It is like a butterfly born from a caterpillar in a short period.

But this butterfly is too much confuse, Somebody already told me that I love too much my Cancer that I am sad with the prospect of living without him. Probably is that, I think I need psychotherapy to help me see the things in different way. Only the bad news I am able to live and feel it, Like if I would be waiting only for the bad ones. The good ones does not touch me, only is important to know the bad. Today I have everything to be happy but the answer is that one you are thinking... I must learn to be happy again without Cancer, because I only can see happiness with Cancer. Too confuse.

The butterfly will now on flying everywhere and spread Hakuna Matata, all will be alright. I will believe in a day that still come and I will be happy with whatever I have. To celebrate the developments I offered Justyna the book Blindness and myself the special The death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.


Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Bem, que turbilhão de sentimentos, mas o que importa é que as coisas estão a compor-se. Tudo de bom para vós.

Cara Damásio

Pedro said...

Grande montanha-russa de emoçoes, aquela em que estás metido.

Goza as boas notícias e desejo que a que a viagem nesta montanha-russa tenha, finalmente, chegado ao fim.

1 grande abraço
Pedro Neiva

jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder and family

E assim se prova mais uma vez que a medicina nâo é uma ciencia exacta .
Hoje é um dia de comemoraçâo estou contente por ti .
Um abraço e beijocas ás princesas

Anonymous said...

Meu querido Helder,

que notícias maravilhosas!! Estou muito feliz por ti, pela Justina e pela Olívia. Agora, é olhar para frente e tentar ter uma vida normal e muito feliz, pois vocês merecem!

Um beijo grande e um abraço forte
Ana Rita