Saturday, November 21, 2009

Livros para insonias

Finally the business is concluded, fortunately with a good end. They accepted our move to the first flat we viewed, We are very happy, It has a bigger space for us and even the price is slightly cheaper. Now is just enjoying the weekend. In afternoon I took advantage of an opening sky for a minute and I went to the park with Olivia, probably to do the farewell to this park where she past so long time while we were living here.
We also been very busy with the freecycle, because now we are packing we are also finding things at home we do not need any more, so is just giving away, It is Christmas spirit.

I am having a big exercise in hands, I am reading the O arquipelago da insonia from Antonio Lobo Antunes, Even if it is in Portuguese I might need to re-read for a second time to full understand the book. It is very tortuous to be in the author's mind, or probably is my lack of skills in this style, more poetic. It become now a challenge and is provoking me insonias.

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