Monday, November 2, 2009

Silent war

I am involved in the war of Cat and Rat with the pain, The pain does not give me mercy, If today the pain has released in the intestines, what allowed me to eat with more confidence and put a break in the loss of some kilograms in the last days, nevertheless the same pain has transferred to another place. Now reappeared with all the strengths and almost took me away all the good of my day. I managed to go to the drawing and painting lessons with pain killers but the way back it was a torment, I was praying to get home. Lucky I have my Justyna and straight I forgot about the main question I am having, Is it worth all this? I think this rhetoric thoughts that are now usual in my mind, this is fruit of the nervous and stress that I am under. Her reception was fantastic, even the pain become softer. It reminded me that I am not alone in the field, We will walk straight without wavering, We are not kamikazes just a dreamers.

I hope the back pain would be better tomorrow, The pain probably arose this afternoon because of the very active physiotherapy session I had today, I had put in action some muscles that been quiet for a long time.

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Ana Cristina said...

Hello dear cousin and princesses,

By the photos I can see that you are all with a very good look :D
I like to see youu because it seems that I'am closer to YOU THREE

I have to agree with you when you say that your pain are related with your anxiety... :/
And regarding with the back pain I just have on thing to say - When I go to the gim for the first weeks all my body hurts :p

VERY BIG KISS AND THANKS TO Justina :**** @-;-

And of course KISSES to you and little Olívia :***