Sunday, November 8, 2009

No more Walls

I cannot believe, It was already twenty years ago, I woke up late in the morning after a good night of debauch as use to be all the Friday nights and the World had changed. When I switched on the Television and saw crowds of people madly walking on the top of a wall, I become mad as well. That wall was the one that divided Berlin for more than 45 years. It will come the day that we all found out how silly it is the borders that artificially separates communities. The frontiers are also invisible walls that been set up by the interest of few ones. In the other day I was reflecting how unfair it is that, for the fact that I belong to the European community I have right for all the care and benefits from England, but a Brazilian friend because he was unlucky and born in other place he needs to live in the clandestinity and even with an hand injured he cannot afford to stop working because He is not Human Being enough to could benefit from the welfare state.
I have other reasons to hate the Walls, with them I would never met my Eastern European flower and Olivia will never bloomed.

The day was also past among the Polish community, with the friends Rafi and Kaska. It was the end of a great weekend

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