Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No choice

I belong to a generation that grown up with the help of the father's credit card, without any specific will, Living to have the course that match the parent's dreams. In fact in Portugal there is no parent that do not dream to have a son or daughter doctor, I am sure there is not any other country in the World with such a rate of doctored for square meter, Doctors of doctor or medicine, doctors of Marketing, doctors of Tourism, doctors for all tastes.

Also I am part of those who looked for a girl friend that the friend should liked as well, the ones who found having the body that served the others but not you is enough. Generally, the exterior consent and acceptance towards me is the condition to undertake whatsoever. Because all this constraints our World is so much smaller and uglier. The room for discovers and achievements is so little because of the fear of fail and do not been looked as equal or normal for the Normalized ones. But, there is no way to escape of the fact that we all are volunteered imprisoned of each other. I cannot think how to be free and to be happy.

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