Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leon's mane

What is it Real, it should be what we can touch, only what can be seeing, or is also what our subconsciousness and feelings tells. Those are the Saint Grail of the questions that I am facing, And as I opened slowly the door for the unknown, it looked as in reality helped me to reinforce my wisdom and helped me to find answers for other untouchable questions. It is a big battle to overcame all the inferiority instincts absorbed in my childhood and boyhood that tended to be stupidly represented by some self-defenses and attitudes that I developed as a facade to cover my weaknesses. My friend John Gandhi and Alfred Adler would called this overcompensating process.

Here in the pictures it was not Henri Cartier-Bresson's camera but Justyna who caught the moment when Adrian was undertaking a serious and danger task, cutting the big Leon's mane.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha..a antiga tarefa do pajo...e minha também!! Cortar a juba!!beijokas para vocês.