Friday, November 13, 2009

The caveman

The time to move out from this house is running out, and therefore the death line to find a new home is getting closer, it is exactly in 5 of December, Tomorrow with lucky we will have good news as we are going to see a flat that Justyna already saw and it looks that got the potential to be the new home for the family, so please keep fingers cross. Justyna is already tired of searching for houses and now again with all the packing.
It would be much easier if we all could live in caves like our grand-grand(...) parents once lived, we would not need to spend time and money to furnish it and of course I can already imagine how much we could afford without needing to pay for the mortgages that cleans all the money from our salaries in the end of the month. Also I cannot see any other place where we could find better climate conditions than in the underground within the nature mother and where must of us will chose to rest the rest of our days. There in the winter we would be protected from the cold and in the summer it will be always that fresh air mixed with the smell of the ground. Just perfect.

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