Monday, November 23, 2009

World in Blue

The days are now passing quick due to the over duties we have before we definitely move out, informing all the World about our new address is necessary. But I can always find some time to practice my additions, today I was in the mood to paint. The task was to use only three blue colors and paint a set of kitchen appliances. I am happy because I can feel a lot of improvements, I am much more relax and brave when I am going to start to paint. I always think in the beginning that I cannot do it but slowly I am taking over all the screen and enjoying all the moments. And the compliments start to come. I am a happy beginner, it is good because I do not have anything to prove.

My painting is the one over the Globe.

1 comment:

Rosália said...

As tuas pinturas azuis estão mt lindas!
O azul é uma cor positiva, continua.