Monday, November 16, 2009

Palette of colours

Today we had a setback in the business related with the house, The landlady is prepared to accept all our conditions but only one, She does not want pets in her flat. It is cruel to drop this demand as a long time we been dreaming about that. Now we are almost in the point zero again, Tomorrow we will see another flat and after decide if we will postponed our dream for another time or not.

The classes in the Drawing and Painting are getting little better, for the first time I started to receive also praises for my works, I really enjoy all the mixing of colours, I found it like Life, as only with the three primary colours, blue, red and yellow we reached all the spectrum of colours. My mood is like that as well, There is a days that I am very sad, others rarely, very happy and even other ones, must of them, in the middle. All this mixing shows that it will be impossible to reach the same color as once before, frustration but is the color of the Life. Nothing will be the same two times.

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Ana Cristina said...


Lots of kisses ang huggs for the three XD

Hope you get the new house soon...

prima ANa