Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speaking and speaking

Since today I become with a stronger ally in the fight against the tinniest being in the Earth, the virus of the Flu, and to fight him nothing better than the same bug as they have cannibal tendencies. For now the vaccine was only against the brother of the influenza A virus. The swine vaccination will come next. Having my task list full for the day I needed to run to the Hospital as I had my first appointment with a Cancer counselling in the beginning of the afternoon, The session was fine, it made me think about alternatives to bring more up my mood. There are things that I still need to learn how to cope, they will never change, so it must be me to be changed. The Cancer should take less space from my day, and for that I only have two options either I enlarge the day which I cannot see how come or shrink the Cancer issue in my live. I will try to do. A good conversation is always good and it was that what happened today.

After I had what I been expected anxious for a while, my first experience in the swimming pool of the Hospital, It was a great session, the water was warm and the physiotherapists were very helpful, Now I look forward for the next sessions. Just next time I must bring my swimming suit to do not be ridiculous been in pants like today.

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Rosália said...

Olá amigo

Ainda bem que ias de pants, já imaginaste se fossem cerolas? Grande show!!
não te esqueças que o bom humor ajuda muito, sorri e vive feliz.
Beijinhos para ti, para a Justinne e para a Ollie.