Thursday, November 5, 2009

The magic

The day was full of emotions, We went to north of Watford to accompany our friend Ian to his last address, During the ceremony it was impossible to retain the tears, But also to say that each tear and each sigh was not a simple feeling of loss or sadness but also a feeling of joy and happiness for having an opportunity to had met such a wonderful person. I am all the time laughing to myself whenever I recall his majestic smile, His sweet voice is something that I always will miss, having resemblances with a tender child. In spite of his diseases and living often with the prospect of pain he always had words of courage to everyone, Somebody said in the funeral and I agree, it was only necessary to be 5 minutes with Ian to be conquered by him.

When I met him in the hospital for the occasion when I was diagnosed with Cancer he was in the bedside, and I will never forget his caress and joy for life that kept me resistant to the bad dream I was passing through. He had a gift to bring peace to everyone. He with his sickle cells and me with my Cancer made us very close, partners of sharing the darkest jokes.

The ceremony was a fantastic way of celebrating his Life, we could feel almost as a member of his family, It was like if Ian been there, We listen his favorites songs, by the way I brought a CD with his musics that now I will listen whenever I want to be close to him. I am sure He had enjoyed also the celebration of his Life.

There we also could recall our moments with Richard and Veronica and Derek with his wife, a common friends from time, when our lives crossed in the UCL Hospital with Ian.

Good bye for now my dearest friend.

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