Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Busy Wednesday I had today, rushed in the morning to get on time for my physiotherapy session in the Royal Free Hospital, after came back home for a short break and then back again to the Hospital, now to do a screening checking of the eyes. This is related with the diabetes and to monitor the eye loss. Fortunately all are OK in the eye. Tomorrow the day it will be again around the Hospital. Until when this, I ask?

During the day we had also been busy in our hobby, Freecycling. Thus, we collected a moses basket to give to mums in need, to help Shubhy who collaborates in this program. After we went to collect a Christmas tree as this year our Christmas season will be pass again in England. But, this trip for the tree was definitely a waste of time. The artificial tree was enormous, what make a trip on the way back funny and grotesque. Soon after we received the tree we realised it was not what we expected but we were shame to do not picked up from the friend who was giving away. Thus, we brought but we dropped close to a recycling post. The time we transported we become a target of all the looks what was funny. I just feel sorry for Olivia, that who should be a shame of her weird parents. Everyday she showing more and more signs of her independence, after she adapt her own hunt, now she refuses her bib and her preferred section in the shop is the women lingerie. We need to keep an eye on that.

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