Sunday, November 22, 2009

First to abandon the boat

This week that is coming should be our last one in this house, our things are almost all packed, hopefully our friend Mr mouse will not feel invited to come to the new house jumping inside one of the boxes. He was a good company in the evenings when I was reading, the small rodent now already bigger with the help of our small bits of food left on the floor, even if he did not show up every evening I knew he was somewhere around and biting something. He might tell with all the reason that He has the fame but it is us who are the first to abandon the boat, and unbelievably living behind himself the Mr mouse. What a disgrace.

Other challenge is surviving in the boat in this last days. It only remains unpacked one set of clothes, So during this last week it will require a hard management, Hopefully we will not need anything that is in the bottom of the box.

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