Sunday, November 1, 2009

Balance sheet

If yesterday we were paying visits, today we were receiving visits, In my World, in the accountancy language, today we had the credit of the Balance sheet after we been in the other side yesterday, around the credits. I suppose it is a bit like in the business, we need to invest in the friendship to receive in the some coin. But here I never checked the earnings because I know they will be always positives.
Sorry for this unappropriated metaphor, but I am missing my days in a desk reading the Balance sheets and other papers that cannot interest anybody else.

Thus, Vasco and Adrian come to have a lunch with us, I could not accompanied them as I am still within my soft diet to see if my intestines recover. And later also our friends Maria, Joseph, Gab, John and Dulce come to have a tea with us. It is difficult to explain how I feel and how important is to have the care of the friends. It is in a way the way to compensate me for my forced absence from the social circles, Do not feel forgotten, Feeling that people still speaks and remember about me is the best drug to keep at least the soul in good health.

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