Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have the sensation that I still need to start the day one of my new Life, After all this ups and downs and essential when I reached the downiest point, close to the Mariana Trench and some light appeared I was sure that this was a second chance of my life, Common errors ought not be easily committed anymore, a different look this eyes must gain, discover new sensations and what is behind the sensations that I knew it must be my task with who I love. But, the same as when a student pass in extremis the exam and says next time I will study in advance to pass more comfortable, I am doing the same postponing the taking of this new chance. I am still lost in small thoughts and silly anguishes and the time and opportunities are wasting.
Meanwhile Olivia's fringes should be the second most famous in the history after the Cleopatra's fringes.

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