Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mr Echo

The absurd happened, We already moved out our stuff but we still do not have new house, Yes, almost all our things and are a lot believe me, are now in Shuby's house.This until the new house become a reality. It was precious the help from our friends that lent us a dozen of extra hands. The dream team swept away almost everything in an hour. Thank you to Jane, Mike, John, Vasco, Sergio and Marcin. You made our life much easier.

Nevertheless and even without our things we will stay here more a couple of days, there are more bits to organize. But back home we found a new tenant, our Echo, that gain new life and independence with a non presence of much things, It sounds that our echo at the first opportunity that founds itself with more space it just come out of us losing its shyness and taking all the corners and ceiling of the new empty spaces. It is now every where joking and making fun of whatever we say, nothing can be said without its approval and subsequent repetition. I am almost mad. In fact the rooms look bigger and even more inhabitable, shame that just now we discovered that.

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