Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bob the builder

Today I had all the signs of the nervous related with the season of decisions. Yes, tomorrow is already the scanning. Thus, I had some pain in the stomach and the sugars been erratics. I believe it is all about the nervous and the fear. The remedy was of course Olivia, I went for a walk with her and at home I been very active in the freecycle, We gave away few items that we are not using anymore. It make us so happy when we know that the things are going to a good home, And today we had that feeling, special to give one Pasta machine maker for a lovely lady that come to picked up with a guide as she was blind. It was curios when we posted in the Net we had plenty of responses but from all there was that one with a lovely and warm message. She was so genuine.
Olivia is more and more e-literate, She almost does not need me anymore to put on what does she must like from the computer, Bob the builder or Dartacao, this was my suggestion as I loved when I was child.

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