Tuesday, March 10, 2009

X no totobola

My day started very early, At 5 Am I was already up reading a book to distract myself and keeping me away from the bed and from the undesired thoughts that find there their perfect nest. I had plenty of time to organize my things, do the personal hygiene dress my best clothes. I was surprisingly well and with good humor, Justyna was very nervous, Today it was my turn to cheer her up. I think it was all the adrenaline that gave me all that strengths.
Nevertheless in spite of the early bird the morning past very quick, We went to the Hospital with one hour earlier to have our lunch out and to be closer to the Royal Free Hospital as soon as possible. And at One O'clock we were in the room waiting for the appointment booked to 1.30PM, After we were informed due to transplants all the doctors came later to the clinic. Before Doctor Fusai arrived another doctor from his team started to see us.

I will summary what is the main conclusions and decisions from today, Thus Dr Fusai wants to do the operation to the liver, The percentage that needs to be removed will be around 70% plus the gall bladder (visicula), but the operation cannot be done straight away because it is necessary to the liver be fit after all the chemotherapy that was subjected. Anyway next Tuesday all will be decided, I will know all the details about the operation.

The only detail that did not excited me too much is the perspective of they would need again to open in the Pancreas, because in the scans it showed something there, that can be a scare tissue, or just a liquid but also can be a tumour. We hope not, but apparently it will be necessary to collect a sample from that and analyse during the operation. Also I complained about my back pain and they said they could not find nothing but they will look better until next Tuesday.

So all the decisions were postponed to next week


Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Calma... convém que as decisões sejam reflectidas para não haverem precipitações.
Beijinhos para todos e muita FORÇA!
Carla Damásio

jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Estou a fazer força para que tudo corra bem e para a semana as noticias vâo ser boas . A bixarada vai para o lixo nao tarda nada até lá calma e pensar positivo ok?
Um abraço