Sunday, March 8, 2009

First papá

Ola amigos,

Today we all reunited energies to go out, destiny was the famous Camden market, place of dream for all sins. Of course the typical English weather followed us. Sun and wind when we left home, changing to a heavy rain when inside the market and again wind and Sun when Cristina went back to Portugal and we to home. This was our last weekend before the news start to drop in our mind, thank you Cristina to help us pass a relaxed days at least as much as it was possible.
Even if I am trying to escape, I found myself already waiting for Tuesday, like if I would be already in the waiting room of the Surgeon Consult, For coincidence this afternoon we returned to a coffee shop that I only have been a day after I have been told that I was transporting a serious Cancer, that days we thought to disappear from home, to desperate go out to distract our thoughts, So we reminded all that stress. The place calls Eco cafe, The place is fine just the owner never spoke with me but seemed for me and to Just very bossy and asshole. I think it is my first time I do here such a comment about somebody, I am sorry, but someday it must be the first.

Now in the bed I have the sensation that for the first time Olivia called me Papá. Lets see if she will repeat in the next few days

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Ana Cristina said...


Desejo que as princesas recuperem rapidamente. :*
A terça está a chegar e há-de corresponder às expectativas da melhor forma =)

Beijinhos curativos prás meninas
prima Ana