Thursday, March 26, 2009

EUROliwia Star

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First day of our adventure to Belgian, Early morning we were in St Pancras station and after a safely and smoothly journey we arrived in the Gare du Midi in Brussels by the Euro Star. Our friend Filipa was waiting for us giving the welcome. The weather was more like British weather, with the rain present all day in the streets. Because of the early hour I woke up plus the jet lag, I was a very tired man, I become a important new tenant of Filipas sofa, Is good because is that what we were looking with this journey, to rest and to be together with our friends here in the Benelux.

Filipa has a great and wide house, and Oliwka is finding the perfect playground to exercise her first steps but crossing all the room crawling.

To something different, today I was watching the news and I was in shock, not revolted anymore just because I am already get use to these debouche. Thus I listened that a Portuguese politician Isaltino de Morais confessed that he was for a years diverting money from his supports to a bank account in Switzerland and of course meanwhile subtracting big sums of money from the honest stupid tax payers. Nevertheless coming out of the court he was smiling and keeping is arrogant figure, does not showing any signs of regret, probably also knowing that the justice in the Earth does not include Portugal. In the same day we witnessed another politician that I will not put my hands in the fire for him going out from the trial without any charges - Avelino Ferreira Torres, The usual.

Some people thinks that eventual the love they have for their most loved, the close family, sons or daughters, that I will not discuss give them moral authority to do all this sort of things to guaranty their future, like if nothing else would exist than their family and house. I feel responsible for Oliwka in terms of morality and pure love but never in terms of money or patrimonial terms that I will legate to her. I think this cannot do me a better or worst father.

Lets hope tomorrow the clouds will release a bit the skies to give us permission to go around the city.

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