Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eleven months old

The days to celebrate here does not stop, Today Olivia reach her 11 months old since she born, but if we would count since she exists, She would be already after one year old. Why not? Probably we should start to celebrate two anniversaries, when we born and when we were conceived. She is still not speaking but she already understands a lot of things that is going one and responding in her way.

Therefore it will be a very busy month, the next one, we will have the Reveillon and after the Olivias birthday.
Mummy today was suffering from headache, probably due to lack of iron that has been diagnosed in her last blood tests. She needs to enrich her diet with more components of iron, also need to cut in caffeine. Thus, we have been most of the day at home, sleeping and organizing home. We went out only to see the sunsetting, enough to came home with our spirit reinvigorated.

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