Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring at last

we almost forgot what is a Spring and the Sun to be a King, Thus today it was delicious, he invaded all the sky and called all the people to the road and parks. We did not want to miss much of what the Sun wanted to tell in his arrival, early we packed few sandwiches and sailed to anywhere with green of trees, blue of ponds and white of pure air, After two hours walk we camped in the hamsptead park, for curiosity also a with view to the Royal Free Hospital, we are so addicted that we cannot live faraway from the Hospital.
Olivia was so relax that slept for 3 hours, we could read and paint the view, Also Jane come to join us, after her trip to Switzerland finally we catch up again the conversation and thank you for the plant and for your care.
Back home I was in charge to bring the bacalhau to the table, Olivia as we knew before loves the fiel amigo.

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Ana Cristina said...


Por aqui o fim de semana também esteve maravilhoso. Sol e mais sol, o tão esperado quentinho...

Mts beijinhos
prima Ana