Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easy to get lost


All day I been trying to relax and get my head out of some physical discomfort that I am been feeling, My experience of living with pain is like if I would sleep with a blanket that do not cover all body, when I control the sugars in the blood and I do not have headaches or anxiety, is the pain in the column that appears, and Whenever I do not suffer from either of them I would have a pain in the Liver. And in last case I still sometimes can experience as I had since yesterday, a pain in where it was the last surgery. This is suppose to be related with some liquid from the operation and now is planned to be drain in the next operation. In spite of all that I have reasons and I am positive, also Justyna and Oliwia are always with attention to my mood, trying to do not allow me to go down and keep in the right track.

Today I had my first experience of acupuncture, After the diabetes to feel the needles stick on me is something familiar :) But is this case led me to relax and is aiming to healing the wounds, to control my anxiety and to improve my immunisation system. As you already understood I am very open, not closing the doors to any form of medicine or alternative form that can help me to bring me comfort and peace. After the session I came home with Tom and together with Justyna, Oliwia, Shubi, Rayne and Taz had a great dinner. Perfect time in the company of our lager family.

Kisses for all

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