Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nurse in the family


I am trying to write some words to report what the most important from today, but I confess it is difficult to put in order my ideas, Olivia still fighting to get rid of the diarrhea, also justa is now in bed with severe pain in the stomach. It will be a difficult night to give comfort to Olivia in this conditions.

Cristina is giving us good energies to believe in better days. In the afternoon me and Cris went to Portobello market, for me it was the 101th time I visited the touristic spot. Afterwards I slept in the afternoon as I felt tired.
At least there are very good news to celebrate, my cuisine Nini, in the picture, right side, has finished the course, she is now a Nurse, something very necessary in the family :) but also Zeca after his operation to the heart is feeling much better. Good news

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Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e princesas!

Infelizmente as gastroenterites demoram algum tempo a passar. Dei-te alguns conselhos de dieta no passado dia 3. Cuidado com o leite, que agrava a diarreia. Além do actimel, se a Olivia gostar de iogurte, este também regula a flora intestinal. Se precisares de mais alguma coisa... já sabes
Beijos para todos!