Monday, March 30, 2009

Tintin in Belgium

The penultimate day of work for the famous reporter Tintin, took her to a very beautiful city, Leuven. It is a satellite of the Capital, Brussels and it is a house for a lively student population. Her daily blog as been suffering from the lack of her inseparable four legged friend, the dog Millou or Taz for us. Thus, her attention as been dispersed from the details, where sometimes are the essence of an investigation as of the life.

Luckily the weather is been improving, every day is coming better and better and today was all sunshine. So, she rested in a esplanade in the company of a tea and her ideas.

The days of a vibrant laziness still powerful here, essentially for me. Not doing nothing, only walking around and helping in Tintin's work. It is a shame that tomorrow Tintin will need to go back to the land of his majesty and be closer to the real world.

Tintin with her fringe:

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